San Sebastian, the jewel of the Basque Country

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San Sebastian is considered by many as the Jewel of Northern Spain. It is a coastal destination where art, architecture, cinema and gastronomy merge in perfect harmony with a vibrant city full of light and dreamy beaches.

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San Sebastian’s identity as a coastal tourist destination began more than a century ago, when it began to be frequently visited by Spanish royalty during their vacations. Since then, Donostia, as this fascinating city is known in Basque, has also established itself as a world-class gastro-paradise and as the European Capital of Culture in 2016. Since then, the city has managed to reinvent itself again, this time as a cultural destination.

In San Sebastian there are countless tourist attractions for everyone, from fine arts and architecture to handcrafted beer. One of the attractions for any visitor is its acclaimed pintxos (skewers) which are bite-sized appetizers, similar to tapas, served in bars and taverns throughout the Basque Country.

All fans of national and international film culture flock to San Sebastian every September to attend the most cosmopolitan event of the year: Zinemaldia, or the International Film Festival, one of the most important festivals in Europe alongside the Cannes Festival and the Venice Film Festival.

One of the most visited areas of San Sebastian is undoubtedly the Old Town. It is located at the foot of Mount Urgull, between the port and the mouth of the Urumea River, and was built after the fire of 1813. Its streets are full of stores, restaurants, pintxos bars… and are very popular with tourists and locals all year round. Here we can find two of the most important religious temples in the city: the Basilica of Santa Maria del Coro and the Church of San Vicente. Also the San Telmo Museum, located in a former convent and the Plaza de la Constitución.

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