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Founded in the 8th century BC, Malaga has one of the oldest Mediterranean seaports. It is a city with a rich past where you will find the ruins of a Roman theater, a 10th century Arab castle built on the remains of a Phoenician lighthouse, a 13th century Alcazaba and a beautiful baroque basilica.

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Besides the history, Malaga offers the impressive landscape of the Costa del Sol and an excellent climate combined with culture and a beautiful stretch of beach. Lush palm trees line the promenades and tropical vegetation flourishes throughout the city. Stroll through the historic center to discover small boutiques and tapas restaurants. Walk around the seaport and stop at a seaside restaurant to enjoy a delicious seafood meal. Malaga is full of fascinating things and activities to do.

From the Plaza de la Marina, Molina Larios street leads to the old town, which is dominated by the cathedral. With its twin tower facade, this grandiose 16th century building is perched on top of an old mosque. Visitors are dazzled by the finely proportioned interior and the feeling of spaciousness. The Chapel of the Rosary in the cathedral is adorned with a painting of the Virgin with Saints by Alonso Cano. In the Chapel of the Kings there are kneeling figures of the Catholic Kings made by Pedro de Mena.

A must-see for modern art lovers is the Picasso Museum, this museum in the old town occupies the house where Picasso was born and exhibits 233 pieces of the artist. The collection represents the entire life and artistic career of Picasso, from his early studies to his revolutionary artistic innovations. Let a certified guide show you like you could never have imagined.

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