Lanzarote, the volcanic island

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This beautiful volcanic island of the Canaries is full of villages full of palm trees, whitewashed houses, beaches, fresh fish and cactus.

Discover the authentic Lanzarote from the hand of a certified private guide.

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Lanzarote is a UNESCO designated geopark since 2015, as this island meets all the requirements. It has extraordinary beaches of golden sand and black volcanic rock. Its views and landscapes are fascinating, its natural pools and excellent trails for trekking, cycling … In addition to beautiful coves for surfing and diving, not to mention a large number of restaurants and accommodations. Although for a long time it was associated with group tourism, Lanzarote now attracts an increasing number of individual travellers.

The main tourist centers are located on the south coast. In the northeast are the beautifully surrealistic and volcanic lands of the Timanfaya National Park and the wine region of the island. Among the wildest stretches of the north, surfing flourishes on the archaic beach of Famara. The ancient capital Teguise surprises. The municipality of Haria will surprise you with its history. It is also highly recommended to visit the Graciosa Island (known by some as the eighth island of the Canary Islands).

If you are looking for an idyllic yet surprising destination, Lanzarote is your ideal place. Let a certified guide show you around like you could never have imagined.

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