7 guidelines for choosing a suitable guide in Covid’s time

7 guidelines for choosing a suitable guide in Covid’s time

Amazinguides - Cómo elegir un guía seguro en tiempos de Covid

If you want to visit that destination you always wanted to see, but you are worried about your health and safety in these uncertain times, the best option you can choose is to hire an Official Tourist Guide. His certification not only proves his knowledge, but also guarantees that he will take care of all the details so that you only have to worry about marveling at the amount of stories you will discover and the corners that will surprise you.

You can distinguish an Official Tour Guide because, among others, he will be in charge of following the following points. Keep them in mind for your trip and you will be able to identify a professional guide from one who is not:

1. Security, above all

An Official Guide not only keeps up to date with his or her historical knowledge or the way in which his or her guided tours are presented, but is also familiar with the guidelines set by public health directives. He or she has the obligation and awareness to be up to date for your enjoyment and safety, so he or she will make sure that everything is logical and in compliance with the regulations throughout the tour.

And, best of all, you won’t even notice. The quality of your tour will be the same, and you will be surprised exactly the same. Remember: they are professional.

2. Limited groups

The Official Guide has prepared the tour before you meet, so he knows perfectly well if the whole group belongs to the same area of coexistence or not. Taking that factor into account, he will help you maintain the proper social distance with him and the rest of the travelers.

That knowledge will make the group of people in your same group limited, which will favor the experience you are going to live and make it completely memorable. Physical contact is restricted for safety reasons, but the experience will be unforgettable.

3. Rigorous hygiene

It is very important to maintain rigorous hygiene practices, as you know. It is not a question of anything complicated: you must wear a mask and use a personal hand sanitizing gel. Just like you, your Official Tour Guide is very aware that with these small measures the risk of contagion is greatly reduced, so you will see that he wears his hydroalcoholic gel and mask or other safety elements permanently, and be sure to use them before, during and after the tour.

They are easy measures, and you will see that your guide follows them so that you not only enjoy, but also be safe.

4. Doubts? Ask your guide

We always insist on this point: ask your Official Guide whenever you have doubts. He will know where there is a pharmacy, where there are disinfection points, where there are facilities for hand hygiene, where public toilets are available… He will know the history of the destination you are visiting like the back of his hand, and he will also know how to go through it completely safely.

In case of doubt, don’t even think about it: consult your Official Guide.

5. Audio devices? Yes, please

One of the most effective measures to keep a safe distance and still not lose any of the information your Official Guide is giving you is to use a wireless audio device.

As you know, guides collaborate with tourist centers and tourism companies using these systems, and they allow you to intimately enjoy the tour and the city. So, if your guide offers them to you, do not hesitate: they will be fully disinfected and will offer you a wonderful experience. And, today more than ever, they will help you maintain an optimal safety distance.

6. Who said agglomerations?

It’s a good time to travel, as long as you do it safely. Your Official Guide knows perfectly the destination you are going to visit and its monuments, and knows the best time and procedures to follow in each of them. Being familiar with the most crowded areas and places he will do his best to avoid them at rush hour or key moments.

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable experience? Let yourself be guided by an Official Guide and you will see that your destination becomes another. Now more than ever.

7. Security even after the tour

In order to back up the evidence and the tracking, and for your own safety, your Official Guide will keep for the time recommended by law your data or the data of the main person making the tour reservation. In this way he will be ensuring not only that the group is small and safe, but also that you are safe even after your visit.

And don’t worry, they won’t save your data beyond that recommended time.

These 7 guidelines are not the only ones, since the recommendations and obligations of an Official Guide are much broader, but they can give you a clear idea of who really is a professional and that traveling safely and enjoying your destination is completely possible.

If you are curious and want more information, you can consult the Institute of Tourist Guiding (https://www.itg.org.uk/).

Remember: always look for a Certified Guide and consult him/her about everything you need. He will make your trip a unique experience.

Happy Travelling!

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