5 reasons to visit Spain in autumn | Amazinguides

5 reasons to visit Spain in autumn | Amazinguides

Amazinguides Guías Oficiales Certificados - 5 razones para viajar a España en otoño

The summer may be over, but in some parts of Spain you can still enjoy warm environments. Located in southwestern Europe, the Iberian Peninsula has a reputation for having one of the sunniest and healthiest climates with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. If you are thinking of letting yourself fall in love with the autumn sun, here are some recommendations as to why visiting Spain at this time is much more than a good idea.

1. An extraordinary climate

Although Spain is a popular destination for summer vacations, the summer months are usually very hot throughout the country, with temperatures reaching as high as 45°C in the south. Therefore, it is perfect to travel to Spain during the heat wave if you are traveling to the north of the country or if you enjoy the wonderful beaches that run practically all over the country.

In autumn, from mid-September, the high temperatures give way to a cooler climate, allowing you to enjoy a different kind of tourism, with a whole universe of cities and towns waiting for you to discover them. Walking around the cities with a subtle breeze in the air is a joy for many when the temperatures are around 20 to 25ºC and the sun still shines brightly. Isn’t it great?

2. The colors of nature

Autumn is a fantastic time to enjoy the beautiful nature offered by the landscapes of Spain. The national parks shine with autumn colors and leaves that begin to fall. The Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Iregua Valley and Lake San Mauricio are just some of the many impressive natural places to enjoy the magical fall scenery. If you are a fan of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or horseback riding, this is the best season without a doubt.

Amazinguides Guías Oficiales Certificados - 5 razones para viajar a España en otoño

3. It is time to discover wines and vineyards

With rolling landscapes of red, yellow, orange and brown tones, autumn is a magical time to visit the wine regions of Spain. The moderately warm temperatures at this time of year mean that you can find a wide range of activities for everyone. From cycling through the vineyards or learning about wine production to tasting some of the best wines from each region at the various museums and wineries.

4. Less tourists, more travelers

The summer months are the classic months in which foreign tourists join the national ones to enjoy the vacations. This makes the bustle and occupation of beaches and destinations the highest of the year, although you can always find quiet and relaxing corners and destinations.

Amazinguides Guías Oficiales Certificados - 5 razones para viajar a España en otoño

5. Festivities throughout the territory

Autumn arrives and with it his holidays. The festivities during this time of year are related to the grape harvest, the harvest or the livestock and the history of each town. Examples of this are the celebrations, verbenas, competitions, races, charangas and exhibitions that take place in different locations throughout the country: León with its traditional “Fiestas de San Froilán”; The Cattle Fair in Badajoz, of enormous recognition for the cattle dealers of Spain and Portugal and for the public in general; the Festa do marisco O Grove, in Galicia, gastronomic-cultural event that reunites tourism and fishing in one in the “Paradise of the Seafood” of the Galician Rías Baixas ; or the thousands and thousands of village festivals throughout the whole of Spain with their popular fairs, dances and regional costumes, Moors and Christians festivals, historical traditions, parades, concerts, festivals. ..

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